The Nourish Smart story

Our main goal Nourish Smart is to help you eat and perform better, whether that be in the board room, the boxing ring or the running a busy home.

Nourish originally started in 2013 as a healthy fast food restaurant in Sheffield, growing to open further stores in Leeds and a 2nd in Sheffield, the vision was simple: help those that needed it the most eat better by offering a healthy alternative on the high street. During this time we ran and operated a successful meal plan service, delivering results to over 200 customers (full disclosure: we only had 1 customer who didn’t get results), these included World Champion athletes, successful business owners and people who just wanted to lose some weight, feel energised, sleep better and do it with the support of a trusted knowledgeable team. There’s no denying that the UK has obesity and diet related problems, it’ is what we set out to fix, but after 4.5 years, many up’s and downs along with the tough lessons of business, we shut up our last shop and called it a day.

Co-founder and Nutritionist David Stache’s passion and drive to help educate the masses was always at the forefront of Nourish brand values, it was his goal that Nourish not only served food, but was used as a vehicle to help improve people’s health & wellbeing.

So after some time out, and a regrouping, the second iteration of Nourish was born, a smarter, more focussed brand ‘Nourish Smart’ aimed at delivering results through healthy meal plans, to those who want it. After working with high profile elite clients such as Tyson Fury, Nicola Adams and Billy Joe Saunders in their pursuit of World Glory, plus many other high achievers both in sport and the business world, David realised the methods and strategies he used to overcome the problems they faced to attain success, could be adapted and used to help the public through a meal plan service.

The new Nourish Smart offers a full meal plan service, the first results driven offering on the market that includes all supplements and the specialist support needed to not only lose weight, but sustain weight loss.

All of our plans give our customers the food, resources and support they need to achieve results, using real food, rather than fads and shakes. Our recipes are created by our team of nutritionists and chefs, designed to keep you nourished but on track to reach your goals. Your results are our success story.

We are the only meal plan business that can also offer full physiology testing, full blood work analysis and body composition analysis as a bolt on to our plans. 

David Stache
Nutritionist & Co-Founder

David studied nutrition at university and has worked with hundreds of clients in the last 15 years. Helping people lose weight and achieve their goals has been a passion for David since he first began reading about nutrition almost 20 years ago. A keen (but messy) cook, many of the recipes are developed by David and refined by the team of chefs who work with Nourish Smart. David has worked with some of the world’s best athletes and is trusted by some of the top coaches in the world. In addition to this, he has worked with many business to help improve wellness in the workplace. 

David’s other passion lies in helping others in the community, through volunteering at the food bank to running a social housing and work scheme for the homeless. 

Head Chef

Big Robb

Coaching Team 

Ben Hawksworth 

Cory Herbert 

Chris Peden 

Luke Hall